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022 Inlet Tension Pop Off Spring
022 Inlet Tension / Pop-Off Spring
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022 Inlet Tension Pop Off Spring

Part Number: 022
Online Price: $2.00
Inlet Tension Spring sometimes called the Pop off Spring controls when the inlet needle valve opens and lets fuel flow into the metering cavity
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Inlet Tension or Pop-Off Springs is one component that controls the rate at fuel flows to the high and low side fuel circuits of a diaphragm carburetor, especially at low-speed operation.

The way we check and measure pop-off, Pop-off pressure should not be confused with fuel pressure. It can't not and does not control fuel pressure. The correct fuel pump will not make much more than 1psi of fuel pressure to the carburetor. Therefore, 10psi of pop-off pressure does not mean 10psi of fuel pressure, nor does it represent the fuel pressure must overcome 10psi to open the needle valve.

Pop-off pressure is based on the type of inlet tension spring and its install height.

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