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1-1/4 x 36-Inch Tubular Steel Rear Go Kart Axle
727 1-1/4” x 36” Tubular Steel Rear Axle
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1-1/4 x 36-Inch Tubular Steel Rear Go Kart Axle

Part Number: 727
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Axle 1-1/4 Tubular Steel 36 Long
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The 1-1/4" x 36" Tubular Steel Axle is made of Chromoly and is keyed to the center, halfway on both sides. 

These axles also have snap ring grooves on each end, as required by kart racing sanctioning bodies. 

Axle Specs:

1-1/4 Diameter

36" Overall Length

- 0.190 Wall Thickness

Offset keyways uses 1/4" x 1/4" Axle Keys

Snap Ring Grooves

Axle diameter plays a crucial role in the stiffness and strength of an axle more often than wall thickness. For example, our 1-1/4 axles are stiffer and more robust than solid 1-inch axles. The axle's stiffness also plays a role in handling, specifically the rear grip of a racing go-kart or lawnmower. A stiffer axle will keep the rear tires planted, adding more grip. More grip is suitable for high-powered machines, but too much rear grip can cause the chassis to understeer(push), bind, or feel tight. 

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