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11.5-Inch Black Aluminum Go Kart Tie Rod
DP-385-11.5 11.5" Black Aluminum Kart Tie Rod
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11.5-Inch Black Aluminum Go Kart Tie Rod

Part Number: DP-385-11.5
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The 11.5" aluminum tie rods are designed to allow toe alignment adjustments on racing go-karts or racing lawnmowers. Our tie rods are anodized black for a high-quality finish.

Tie Rod Specs:

11.5 Tube Length (Add approximately 2" to get full length from heim to heim)

3/8-24 Right & Left Threads 

It does not come with hardware

Toe alignment will change how the kart handles. In karting, we almost always have toe-outs (the wheels turned outward). We recommend starting the toe between 0 or less than 1/16" out. Too much toe will make the kart darty. Toe-in can stabilize the Kart in a straight line. Unless the Kart's steering components or the Kart are damaged, this is often unnecessary and can hurt the kart's handling performance. The Kart's kingpin inclination and caster will stabilize the Kart in a straight line. 

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