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.035 Feeler Gauge - 12 Inch Long
.035" Feeler Gauge used for setting ignition coil gap
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.035 Feeler Gauge - 12 Inch Long

Part Number: FGR-035
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Make measuring your ignition coil gap quick and easy with our long .035" feeler gauge.

The 12-inch feeler gauge is .035" thick. The .035" gap is the most common for those running ARC or SK Flywheels running on Predator 212, 196 Clones, GX200 Hondas, Tillotson 196, 212 & 225 engines small blocks as well as big blocks and v-twins. Those flywheels contain neodymium magnets that produce a much stronger magnetic field. Suppose the coil is too close to the flywheel. In that case, this may result in erratic ignition timing, usually resulting in a rev limiting effect. The irregular coil firing can cause performance and reliability problems. Our feeler gauge's length makes it easy to use and precisely sets both coils' legs.

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