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138190001 Tillotson 68mm Crankcase
138190001 Tillotson 68mm Crankcase - Package
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138190001 Tillotson 68mm Crankcase

Part Number: 138190001
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The Tillotson 196 block is a high-quality stock block or crankcase assembly that is used on the most GX200 clone engine. 

It also works as a replacement block for Honda GX200 Engine. This block is legal for AKRA, NKA, and WKA Box Stock Classes. For Local Class Rules or Modified Classes, we highly recommend the Tillotson Reinforced Blocks

AKRA 2020 Rules for Blocks

Stock Cylinder Bore is 2.678” many be bored to 2.691” maximum. No piston pop up allowed. Matting surface finish of block and cylinder head is a non-tech item, the surface of both to correct gasket failure and meet cc check allowed however, no piston pop up allowed. Radius the top of the cylinder for the purpose of gasket matching is not allowed. May use 2 side cover gaskets of stock configuration? Block must remain stock as produced. Stub for governor may be removed and the hole plugged. No machining of block allowed with the exception of, welding to the block shall be for rod repair damage only and may not constitute a functional modification. (Oil drain hole between lifters .250” max, .251” no-go. Any type side cover fastener and lock washer permitted must be the original size, sealer permitted.) Solid Dowel pin replacement for the side cover block .317” maximum diameter allowed (factory stock dowel pin is 8mm or .315”) Dowel Pin Must remain in the factory position

NKA 2020 Rules for Blocks

40.4.4: Block & Side Cover Repair/Modification Welding or epoxy repair permitted to the block and side cover. Repair

may not be a functional modification (performance-enhancing) of the OEM part. Decking of the block is permitted. No pop-up of the piston is allowed. Deburring of excessive flash is allowed but not to alter OEM

specification or appearance. Deburring to the eyebrow area of intake or exhaust

port is prohibited.

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