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138190013 Tillotson Clone Valve Tappet Lifter
138190013 Tillotson Clone Valve Tappet Lifter
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138190013 Tillotson Clone Valve Tappet Lifter

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The 138190013 Clone Valve Tappet or Lifter is cherry-picked for the lightest legal tappets from the factory. 

Our Lifters average around 20 grams, rules allow a minimum of 18g most lifters must be machined after leaving the factory by a race shop or engine builder to reach minimum weight. These lifters are the OEM Replacement Valve Lifter Tappet for 196cc 6.5hp Clone, Predator 212, Ducar 196, Ducar/Tillotson 212, Tillotson 196R/RS, Tillotson 212R, Tillotson 225RS and Box Stock 196.

Tappet Specs

• Avg Weight 20g

• Avg Length 1.366

• Avg Head Diameter 0.925”

AKRA 2020 Rules for Lifters:

Lifter Head Dia .915” min with no visible modification. Weight check lifters 18 grams min and pushrods 9 grams min. Machining to bottom of lifter allowed. The bottom must remain flat. To be mated bottom to bottom at tech to a known stock lifter. No other machining allows to lifter allowed. Weight rule still applies. 

NKA 2020 Rules for Lifters:

40.4.23: Lifters Length: 1.350”-1.390” Outside Diameter: .935” maximum Minimum Weight: 18 grams

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