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15C-9 Tillotson Idle Speed Screw
15C-9 Tillotson HL Idle Speed Screw
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15C-9 Tillotson Idle Speed Screw

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The Tillotson Idle Speed screw positions the butterfly open for the engine to idle.

This controls the engine idle speed or rpm. For 4-cycle racing applications, we do not recommend idling the carburetor as it makes the fuel mixture too rich at idle or sacrifices acceleration performance. We only use the idle speed screw as a stop for the throttle assembly to prevent the throttle shutter from damaging the body. For more information about idling 4-cycle Tillotson carburetors check out our blog.

15C-9 OE Tillotson HL Idle Speed Screw fits HL-1A HL-129E, HL-132H, HL-166B&C, HL-189F, HL-227A, E, HL-229A, HL-321E, HL-232A, E, HL-250A, B, C, D, E HL-274E, HL-, 292G,HL-293A, F, HL-299E, HL-304E, HL-304WX, WXA, WXG, HL-306AHL-314E, HL-314F&G, HL-324A, HL-334A, AA, B, AB, WX, WXA, WXG, HL-339A, HL-341A, HL-342A, HL-348A, B, C, D, E, HL-352A, HL-355A, B, C, D, E HL-357A, B, HL-360A, HL-360B, C HL-365A&B, HL-366A, HL-368A, HL-371A, HL-374A, HL-380A, B, HL-383A, HL-384A&B, HL-385A, HL-388A, HL-395A

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