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EC Rod Bearings for Honda GX200/Clone/Tillotson
6394 GX200 Honda/Clone Rod Bearings
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EC Rod Bearings for Honda GX200/Clone/Tillotson

Part Number: 8394
Online Price: $23.99
Bearing Rod EC for Honda GX200/Clone/Tillotson
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The EC 8394 Rod Bearings are designed to fit the Billet Rod for the Honda GX200 Crank Pin also the Clone 196, Tillotson 196R, and Tillotson 212R.

Babbitt Bearings are used to reduce friction, prevent wear, and can increase load-bearing capabilities. If you have ever used a stock rod in a mildly modified engine that turns twice the stock rpm, the stock rods usually do not last very long due to not having a babbitt bearing to ride on. This makes the babbitt bearing an important piece of technology used in rods for performance and longevity.

These rod bearings fits 6234, 6261, 6265, 6267, 6268, 6269, 6270, 6271, 6770, 6771 ARC Billet Rods and the 8270, 8276, 8279, 8182 EC Forged Rods

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