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20mm Gas Slide Carburetor Kit for OHV GX200/Predator 212
Exploded Slide Assembly for OHV Predator/Clone 212 Engine
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20mm Gas Slide Carburetor Kit for OHV GX200/Predator 212

Part Number: VM20EC-2K
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Introducing our Tuned Slide Carburetor Kit for the Honda GX200/Clone, Predator 212, Tillotson 196-212-225, Wildcat 223, and Ducar 212 Engines

The VM-style slide carburetors have become popular for mini bikes, and recreational hot rod builds are due to the carburetor's cost and advantages over the stock carburetor. 

VM20 vs VM22(26mm Chinese Mikuni)
The Chinese VM22 are often the most frequently bought carburetors for the 212/223cc Clone engines, whether they are stock or mild race engines. Their popularity stems from the access to intake manifolds designed to adapt them to these engines and the availability through online auction houses and warehouses. These carburetors flow in the range of 88-90 cfm @ 28", which is much more than the max flow of a stock cylinder head and many ported big valve heads. The oversized carburetors can contribute to many tuning issues experienced with these carburetors. The VM20 is closely matched to the stock cylinder head's valve sizing and port flow, making them more consistent and easier to tune. The VM20 has excellent idle characteristics and throttle response. We highly recommend using the VM20, where a performance cruiser is desired over a mild or wild race engine. The VM20 works great on stock, "Stage 1", and other mild builds that use stock size carburetors. 

VM20 vs. Stock Carburetors
The VM20 is a slightly larger carburetor and better airflow better suited for stock cylinder heads. The better airflow will improve power in the same power band as a stock carburetor and extend the power band beyond the stock carburetor's airflow abilities. Most stock carburetors have minimal tuning due to emissions testing where the VM20 does not. Power is made through better airflow and more fuel mixed in the ideal ratio. The other nice benefit is the throttle linkage and setup. Slide carburetors are more straightforward, with throttle return springs built into the carburetor and a better suit twist or hand throttles on mini bikes. 

Using our short intake manifold, the VM20 doesn't stick out any further than a stock carburetor to give more room on your mini bike or go-kart. 
We don't recommend using any aftermarket or tuned carburetor with stock fuel tanks. Stock fuel tanks have poor ventilation and often do not have direct fuel flow for gravity feed carburetors. 

The VM20 uses a 32mm Air Filter. (Not Included)

The kit includes:
- Tuned VM20 Slide Carburetor
- 480INT Billet Intake
- Mounting Hardware

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