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168F-1205TVC3 Clone/Predator Double Roller Crankshaft Bearing
Self Aligning Double Roller Crankshaft Bearing for Clone/Predators -3/4 View
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168F-1205TVC3 Clone/Predator Double Roller Crankshaft Bearing

Part Number: 168F-1205TVC3
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The 168F-1205TVC3 Clone/Predator Double Roller Crankshaft Bearing fits the Tillotson 196, 212, 225, Predator 212, and Honda GX200 Blocks and Side Covers. 

The Double Roller has two rows of bearings that increase the load capabilities of the bearing. The double roller is also called a self-aligning bearing for its ability to work when components are misaligned. We highly recommend these bearings for modified engines where crank flex causes misalignment when running. 

AKRA Rules for Crankshaft Bearings

Any 9 ball self-aligning bearing allowed. NO ceramic bearings allowed. The bearing may be cleared for slip fit in the block.

NKA Rules for Crankshaft Bearings

40.4.28: Bearings 

Crankshaft bearings shall be of metallic (magnetic steel) construction (excluding retainers) and conventional design and stock appearing and the same dimensions as the OEM bearings. This includes inner and outer races as well as the balls and rollers. No other materials are allowed. 

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