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212GT NEW! EC 212GT Racing Engine
EC Tillotson 212GT Race Engine
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212GT NEW! EC 212GT Racing Engine

Part Number: 212GT
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EC's New Tillotson 212GT Engine
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The New EC 212GT is a modified version of the Tillotson 212R. 

The 212GT takes the good of the Tillotson 212R with its higher compression, good flowing head and most importantly the Tillotson reinforced block then adds more performance with more cam and more carburetor.

First, we add the Mod2 camshaft which is considered a "stage 2" performance camshaft by many power sports retailers and kart parts distributors. The Mod2 has stock lift by many of the karting organization rules. It actually has slightly more lift than the predators and other power equipment engines. But its the added duration that picks up the power. The Mod2 is known as a cheater cam by most kart shops because of the many tracks that check only lift and not duration in the box stock classes. Some tracks have created a "Mod" class to replace the box stock classes with the understanding of the cam situation. Check with your rules or tech official whether this engine is legal for your class. 

Next is the bored carburetor. Bored carburetors are typically only offered through kart shops with the ability to machine and blueprint those carburetors. So you don't see them as a "stage 1" or "stage 2" option offered by the big power sports distributors. This puts the bored carburetor above the stage one kit most offer and may even rival most stage 2 carburetors. This puts the bored carburetor in a class of its own. Most don't realize the potential of these carburetors, especially when compared to some of the Chinese Mikuni's bought through online auction and retail sites. The stock bored carburetor comes dyno tuned and ready to run. If you feel the need to adjust your carburetor they are very easy to adjust by changing main or low side jets. Since this is a stock carburetor there is no special intake to make it work on your engine. 

To enhance the carburetors flow potential we use a similar air filter adaptor we designed to improve airflow on more extreme stock appearing carburetors. This is an EC exclusive part not found anywhere else.

We include a top plate to connect your throttle system to the 212GT engine. This plate gives you room to add a fuel pump if needed

212GT Specs:
Bore: 70mm
Stroke: 55mm
Total cc: 211.67(Same as Predator, Tillotson, Ducar 212 Engine)
Compression Ratio: 8.85:1 vs 7.6-8.2:1 of other 212 Engines

212GT Includes:
• Tillotson 70mm Reinforced Block
• 27/25mm Tillotson Head
• 22lbs Valve Springs
• Flat Top 70mm Piston
• 55mm Stroke Crankshaft
• Tillotson Cast Aluminum Flywheel (BALCO Tested)
• CNC Bored Stock Carburetor w/EC SA Filter Adaptor
• EC Mod2 Camshaft

Fuel and Header are not included and must be added

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