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237-600 Tillotson Main Metering Diaphragm
237-600 Tillotson Main Metering Diaphragm
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237-600 Tillotson Main Metering Diaphragm

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237-600 Tillotson Main Metering Diaphragm operates to open the fuel inlet needle valve which allows fuel to flow to the high and low fuel circuits. 

You may hear us describing this diaphragm as the one that has the metal “wagon wheel” in the middle. The “wagon wheel” stabilizes the diaphragm and helps to control is movement so the dimple in the center is right above the tip of the fulcrum arm. 

We recommend replacing this diaphragm every 3-5 races or if you see a worsening change in performance, whichever happens first. 

237-600 Tillotson Main Metering Diaphragm fits all HL, HR, HW, HX, HM Model Carburetors including HL-1A HL-129E,HL-132H,HL-166B&C,HL-189F,HL-227A,E,HL-229A,HL-321E,HL-232A,E, HL-250A,B,C,D,E HL-274E,HL-,292G,HL-293A,F,HL-299E,HL-304E, HL-304WX,WXA,WXG,HL-306A, HL-314E,HL-314F&G, HL-324A,HL-334A,AA,B,AB,WX,WXA,WXG,HL-339A,HL-341A,HL-342A,HL-348A,B,C,D,E, HL-352A,HL-355A,B,C,D,E HL-357A,B, HL-360A, HL-360B,C HL-365A&B,HL-366A,HL-368A,HL-371A,HL-374A, HL-380A,B,HL-383A,HL-384A&B, HL-385A, HL-388A,HL-395A,HR-181B,HR-184A,HR190A,HR-191C,HR-191G,HR-196A, HW-10A,B HW-11A,B HW-22A, HW-23A, HW-27A, HW-30A, HW-31A, HW-32A, HW-33A, HW-34A, HW-35A, HW-43A, HB-10A, HB-11A, HB-12A, HC-102A, HC-103A,HC-112A, HM-1A, HM-2A, HM-12A, HX-10A, HX-12A

This is not the same main metering diaphragm used on HD model Tillotson carburetors. 

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