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24mm Flat Slide Gas Carburetor Kit for GX200/Predator 212
EC TM24 Flat Slide Carburetor Kit - Exploded View
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24mm Flat Slide Gas Carburetor Kit for GX200/Predator 212

Part Number: TM24EC-1K
Your Price: $209.99
Retail Price:$259.99
You Save:$50.00(19%)
fits Honda GX200/Clone, Tillotson 196/212/225, Wildcat 223 , & Predator 212 Engines
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The TM-Style 24mm Slide Carburetor is one of the most popular carburetors for street/strip Hot Rod Clone Engines.

Flat Slide Carburetors have advantages over round slide carburetors in airflow and fuel signal. The improved fuel signal allows better and more precise fuel metering for better performance and consistency.

The 24mm flat slide is a no-compromise carburetor that fits almost any build. Cast Heads with oversized valves and port work often flow in the range of 75-90cfm; it's rare to find heads flow much higher. The 24mm carburetor flows 88cfm @ 28-Inches, providing sufficient flow for most heads to make good top-end power. However, the carburetor size is small enough to maintain good velocity and signal for stock size valves making the 24mm one of the most well-rounded carburetors that can grow with your build. 

EC uses their billet velocity stack to improve airflow from the carburetor's inlet and allows 2.5-inch air filters. 

EC dials in the fuel calibration to optimize air-fuel ratios for maximum power and acceleration. The carburetors are tuned within range for most builds and allow minor adjustments due to variations in air density. 

The carburetor is tuned for gas at less than 1800 feet above sea level. Anything more will require additional tuning.

We recommended using the flat slides mostly on straight-line drag racing machines or mini bikes that lean when turning. The flat slide is also a good choice for karting or 4-wheel racing machines but may benefit from a diaphragm carburetor like our XR Intimidators. If you are unsure if this carburetor fits your application, call before ordering.

Do not use a stock exhaust or weenie pipe header for the best performance.

Kit includes:

- EC Built TM24 Carburetor Setup for Gas

- EC 481INT Billet Intake Manifold

- EC 342VS Billet Velocity Stack

- 642 Air Filter

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