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EC Dual Valve Spring Set for GX390/420 & V-Twin Engines
270 EC Dual Valve Spring Set
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EC Dual Valve Spring Set for GX390/420 & V-Twin Engines

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Our EC 270 Dual Valve Springs are made for big cams and higher RPMs in the GX390/420 Big Block, Briggs & Predator V-Twins.

These valve springs add reliability, performance, and excellent rpm range on racing platforms. Valve Spring (set) Dual valve springs are used in our race engines. Call for specific retainers for your engine. No Warranty

Listed are installed heights to fit various engines or modified cylinder heads using different install heights. For accurate information, your install height must be measured on your particular cylinder head. We have also provided a theoretical net max lift for each install height. However, the spring pressure may not be enough to control the valve train due to valve train weight, camshaft profile, and acceleration. 

Net lift combines Camshaft Lift x Rocker Ratio minus Valve Lash.

Valve Spring Specs

1.600 Uninstalled Height

1.400 Install Height – Seat Pressure 27lbs - Max Lift .675

1.300 Install Height – Seat Pressure 43.5lbs - Max Lift .575

1.200 Install Height – Seat Pressure 60lbs - Max Lift .475

.725 Open Pressure 148lbs

.680 Coil bind

Outer Spring O.D.: 0.987
Outer Spring I.D.: 0.743
Outer Spring Relaxed Length: 1.608
Outer Wire Diameter: 0.115

Inner Spring O.D.: 0.725
Inner Spring I.D.: 0.570
Inner Spring Relaxed Length: 1.470
Inner Wire Diameter: 0.076

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