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2701 EC Front Bumper
2701 EC Front Bumper
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2701 EC Front Bumper

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The EC Front Bumper was originally designed for the Gemini XR-1 Caged Racing Go Kart(Champ Karts). 

Now our bumpers are made for lawnmower classes allowing front bumpers as a safety precaution. Racing lawnmowers are considered open-wheeled racing machines and with tight racing, you need to take as many safety precautions as possible. The front bumper can lessen the impact and allow deflection in case of an accident.

Some may argue that race mowers without bumpers will discourage aggressive drivers from using bumpers to push other racers out of the way. We believe that is the job of the flagman and officials to regulate. The job of the bumpers is to provide is a safety feature in emergency situations where contact is not avoidable. 

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