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271 EC Racing Beehive Spring
271 EC Racing Beehive Spring
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271 EC Racing Beehive Spring

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New! EC Racing Beehive Spring designed for extreme rpm and high performance builds. 

Conical(Beehive) Valve Springs have many advantages over cylindrical valves spring both single and dual springs. The most well know is their natural frequency dampening that prevents the spring from failing as well as the valve train components. The other benefits are improved rpm stability allowing more aggressive cams and reduce friction therefore heat. 

Valve Spring Specs:
Spring Height     Spring Pressure
1.500"                 20lbs
1.450"                 32lbs
1.400"                 44lbs
1.000"                 152lbs
0.900"                 184lbs
0.850"                 200lbs
0.840"                 Coil Bind

Valve Spring I.D. 
Top 0.565"
Bottom 0.660"

Valve Spring O.D. 
Top 0.920"
Bottom 0.990"

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