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EC 3/4-16 Billet PCV Valve
281 EC Billet PCV Valve 3/4"-16 fits Burris Sidecover
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EC 3/4-16 Billet PCV Valve

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EC Billet PCV Valve 3/4"-16 fits the Burris side cover on the Flathead Briggs.

The 281 Pressure Control Valve is used primarily to help control crankcase pressure. Unlike many vents, you'll find crankcases. Our PCV Valve uses a check valve that only allows crankcase pressure air and gases to flow in one direction. A common mistake is using a simple brass or aluminum fitting without a check valve. This means air is pushed out, but air can be sucked back in and, in a sense, defeats a vent's purpose. It's not enough for built engines to vent crankcase pressure but to control it. Check out the technical page for more diagrams and info.

This new style is all aluminum, eliminating the plastic check valve. This improved model will be more durable when using methanol.

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