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36A-27 Tillotson Short “Gas” .062” Inlet Seat
36A-27 Tillotson Short Gas Inlet Seat
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36A-27 Tillotson Short “Gas” .062” Inlet Seat

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The Tillotson Fuel Inlet Seat regulates and in some cases limits the amount of fuel that flows to the high and low side circuits. 

This fuel inlet seat is oftentimes called a “short gas” seat. This is due to the height or length of the seat being short and the fuel orifice I.D. being .062”. This is the common seat used for most gas carburetors except for those made for many rotary or reed valve 2-cycle race engines or big displacement piston port 2-cycles and larger 4-cycle engines. 

It is crucial that you use the correct seat for your carburetor and application. Not only could this hurt performance but it could damage your engine. Check your carburetor and carburetor listing before ordering

Beware of aftermarket fuel inlet needles and seats. This is the number one problem after a carburetor has been recently rebuilt. The aftermarket kits usually do not seal very well. This is most noticeable at idle and low speed, the carburetor will be flooding fuel especially from the high side circuit. Use a pop-off pressure gauge to check your pop-off pressure and to make sure the needle and seat are not leaking. 

.062" id Inlet Seat (overall length .538)

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