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  6. 440/460cc Clone 92mm Bore 10-Bolt Crankcase (Block)
440/460cc Clone 92mm Bore 10-Bolt Crankcase (Block)
192F-11100 GX440 Clone 92mm Bore Crankcase (Block)
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440/460cc Clone 92mm Bore 10-Bolt Crankcase (Block)

Part Number: 192F-11000-B
On sale: $109.99 $89.99
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192F-11100 GX440 Clone 90mm Bore Crankcase (Block) is an OEM Clone (Dupor, Ducar) 92mm Bore Crankcase (Block) for the GX440 Clone Engines. This will work as an aftermarket replacement part for the GX440 Honda Engines. 

Due to the weight and size of these blocks, cosmetic blemishes may occur on machined and cast surfaces while in shipment. These blemishes do no alter or hinder the performance or integrity of the block. There is no refund or exchange on blocks that may have cosmetic blemishes.

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