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447INT 1.00
447INT 1.00" HL Spigot Intake Manifold
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447INT 1.00" HL Spigot Intake Manifold

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447INT Spigot Intake Manifold originally designed to fit 1.00” throttle bore HL Tillotson carburetor to Briggs World Formula Spigot intake manifold. 

The spigot end allows the HL Tillotson Carburetor to be attached to any engine with a spigot style intake making it a semi-universal intake.

Fits only 1.00” Bore with pulse hole in the flange to fit a Tillotson HL Carburetors. The 447INT has a 1.00” throttle bore with a 1.500” OD spigot so you can mount with a hose type insulator to a similar mount on the engine.

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