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5/8-18 Spindle Slotted Jam Nut (Castle Nut)
62FNSJO 5/8-20 Spindle Slotted Jam Nut (Castle Nut)
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5/8-18 Spindle Slotted Jam Nut (Castle Nut)

Part Number: 62FNSJ0
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Spindle Slotted Jam Castle Nut 5/8-18
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62FNSJO 5/8-18 Slotted Jam Nut (Castle Nut) is used in the plate where a cotter pin is needed to secure the nut from backing out. 

Castle Nuts are commonly used in the kart or racing chassis as part of safety tech. They are secured with either cotter pins, R-clips, or safety wire in cases where a critical component like a header or wheel hub could detach from the engine or chassis and injure a driver or spectator. 

This castle nut is used on the spindle axle for racing go-karts, lawnmowers, and other components with 5/8-20 thread. 

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