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Coleman Mini Bike Header - Right Side Exit
5470K-1 Coleman Mini Bike Header
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Coleman Mini Bike Header - Right Side Exit

Part Number: 5470K-1
Your Price: $45.99
Fits Most Coleman Mini Bikes with Honda GX200 or Clone Engines
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5470K-1 Exhaust Header adds performance and torque to your GX200, Clone, Predator, and Tillotson Engines on your Coleman Mini Bike

These headers are designed to fit the Coleman CT200, BT200, and RB200 Mini Bikes. The Header curves under the frame to exit on the right side of the bike. 

Exhaust Flow is crucial for the performance of your air-cooled modified industrial engines. During our time on the dyno, the stock exhaust restricts power far more than the factory air box. In fact, unless the factory exhaust is removed, changing the factory air box has no impact on performance. Changing to our high flow staged header, you gain instant torque and power.

For the best performance is to run the header without the muffler. If noise is a problem, then we recommend the less restrictive 4106 RLV B91MO 1-5/16-Inch, but for the quietest muffler, you can use the 4104 RLV B91XL 1-5/16-Inch. Due to the header's muffler weight and length, we highly recommend using a reinforcement bracket on the muffler or header to prevent damages to the header. 

Stud spacing on header flange is 1.75-Inch center to center. This header fits the Predator 212, Tillotson 196, 212, 225, Honda GX200, and most other clone engines. 

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