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QuickCar Tire Durometer
56-155 QuickCar Durometer
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QuickCar Tire Durometer

Part Number: 56-155
Online Price: $59.99
QuickCar Tire Durometer
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The QuickCar Tire Durometer is the Deluxe model and features a 0-100 Dial. The Carrying case is included

A durometer is a critical tool used for tire management and tuning. Durometer hardness is only part of the tire equation. Tire compound, chemical composition, tire tread gauge, sidewall design, heat cycles, and tire wear are all factors that affect the performance of your tires. Considering all the variables and using your durometer measurements will help you select the right tire for the conditions. Proper use of the durometer will allow you to track the condition of the tires, giving you an edge over your competition and shaving tenths off your lap time. 

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