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Carlisle 13 X 6.50-6 Turf Master Tire
13 x 6.5-6 Carlisle Turf Master Lawnmower Tire
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Carlisle 13 X 6.50-6 Turf Master Tire

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Carlisle Turf Master Tire 13 x 6.50 x 6
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Carlisle Turf Master / Multi-Trac C/S 13X6.50-6 B/4PR is the premier tire for riding lawn mowers or other lawn and garden tractors. Its broad-shouldered design provides good traction with little wear and tears on the grass or turf.

The Multi Trac C/S tire has a unique tread designed specifically for grass or turf and provides stability and maneuverability while also providing sturdy sidewalls to prevent punctures.

For Lawnmower Racing: Aggressive tread for loose dirt or grass, and is the preferred choice by the majority of the racers.

Commonly Mounted on 7-Inch Wide Van K Wheels

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Q. What size wheel does the Carlisle Turf Master 13 x6.5-7 Tire Fit?

A. We recommend the Van K 6 X 7 Aluminum Wheels for Racing Lawnmowers

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