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6234 GX200 Honda/Clone Standard Wiseco Rod
6234 GX200 Honda/Clone Standard Wiseco Rod
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6234 GX200 Honda/Clone Standard Wiseco Rod

Part Number: 6234
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The ARC Billet Rod with .490 wrist pin journal is designed to fit Wiseco Piston in the Honda GX200 also fits the 196 Clone, Tillotson 196R, and Tillotson 212R Engines.

This rod measures 3.595" with a .490" wrist pin and is designed to be used with aftermarket high-performance Wiseco pistons.* This rod will fit most blocks without having to cut down the piston using 54mm cranks. You may still need to deck the piston for 55mm or larger stroke cranks or shorter deck blocks. Measure your deck height before ordering. 

Bearings and custom-designed high tensile strength bolts are included. All of our rods are CNC machined from aircraft-grade 7075 T-651 aluminum. Our OHV rods are designed to utilize the higher compression ratios and high RPMs of racing OHV engines.

Key Features Include: Oil groove in the crank bore fed through a channel in the integrated dipper arm. Oil groove in the wrist pin bore that provides a reservoir of lubricant to the wrist pin.

*The new Wiseco 11132PS piston is designed for the standard 2.678" bore on  GX160, GX200, and 196cc Clone engines, so with a fresh block and this new 6234 rod, you have a drop-in high-performance piston/rod combination.  If your bore is larger, out-of-round, or the engine has already been run for a while with the stock bore piston, you will need to hone the block and use a larger piston such as the 11132P2 for a 2.682" bore (+.004")

Rod Dimensions 3.595" X .490" Rod bolt torque: 170 in/lbs lubricated

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