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642 Universal Air Filter (Box Stock)
642 Universal Air Filter (Box Stock)
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642 Universal Air Filter (Box Stock)

Part Number: 642
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642 Universal Air Filter is common for most box stock air filters in kart racing. 

This short filter works well on mini bikes or applications where space and fitment are limited or restricting. 

Filter Dimension
Overall Height: 5.00
• Overall Width: 
• Flange Height: 
• Filter Height: 
• Flange O.D.: 
• Flange I.D.: 
• Flange/
Filter Angle: 0°

This Air Filter fits all 2.5 O.D. Velocity Stacks and Air Filter Adaptor

*Caution! Only clean your air filters with air filter cleaner or soap and water. Anything else may damage your air filter. Let them air-dry overnight. Do NOT under any condition use compressed air, hairdryers, or any heat source to dry filters.

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