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67-38 Tillotson Inlet Valve Body
67-38 Tillotson Inlet Valve Body - Top
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67-38 Tillotson Inlet Valve Body

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The 67-38 Tillotson High Volume or what is known as Double Stack or Alky Stack, Inlet Valve Body Plate is the top plate on those stacks. 

This is where the fuel inlet cap is connected and where fuel is first directed into the carburetor’s fuel pump. 

This plate does not replace the inlet body plate on standard volume or what is known as a single stack or gas stack pump plates. The High Volume(Double Stack, Alky) is a redesign of the carburetors fuel pump making it capable of pumping higher volumes of fuel through the carburetor. 

67-38 OE Tillotson High Volume(Double Stack, Alky)Inlet Valve Body Plate fits all High Volume(Double Stack, Alky) Pump Carburetors including:HL-304WX,HL-314G,HL-339A,HL-348A,HL-348B,HL-348C,HL-348D,HL-348E,HL-348F,HL-355A,HL-355B,HL-355C,HL-355D,HL-355E, HL-360B,HL-360C, HL-363C,HL-380A,HL-380B

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