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Dynocams 68mm Standard Low Tension Rings
138190009 Tillotson Clone 68mm Standard Low Tension Rings
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Dynocams 68mm Standard Low Tension Rings

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Dynocams 68mm Standard Low Tension Rings
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Low Tension 68mm Standard Piston Rings

AKRA 2020 Rules for Rings

Top ring and middle ring .115" max-width, .060" max thickness.) Filing of ring end gaps permitted including oil expander, max end gap .040" (top rings only.) The lapping of rings permitted for proper seal. Piston Ring must be on the piece (unbroken) when presented for tech. Piston Rings must be self-supporting in the cylinder bore when checked installed on the piston with a connecting rod attached (rod cap and bolts installed are not required for this check). 

NKA 2020 Rules for Rings:

40.4.13: Piston Rings It is mandatory that all three rings be intact and functional. Top ring must be the chrome face ring No alterations of rings are permitted. Ring Sizes

 Top Ring

.058" +/-.005" height & .115" maximum width.

 Middle Ring

.058" +/-.005" height & .115" maximum width.

 Oil Expander Ring (reference)

.095" +/-.005" height & .092" +/-.005" width

40.4.14: Ring Tension Requirement

Top two rings must support themselves in the cylinder when removed from the piston. They cannot fall through the cylinder.

Bottom ring is a non-tech item regarding tension. Bottom expander ring & two rail rings, when mounted on piston and rod in place should support the piston in

the cylinder when inserted upside-down.

40.4.15: Ring Tension Inspection Procedure

Top 2 rings must support themselves without assistance in the cylinder.

Each of the top two rings should be placed, individually, approx. one inch

(1") down in the cylinder.

Square ring with piston turned upside down.

 If ring supports itself it is legal.

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