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710 MCP 10” X .187” Brake Disc for 6-Bolt Hub
710 MCP 10” X .187” Brake Disc for 6-Bolt Hub
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710 MCP 10” X .187” Brake Disc for 6-Bolt Hub

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The Martin Custom Products 10” Brake Disc is designed for the 6-Bolt Sprocket Carriers used on racing go-karts and lawnmowers. 

We highly recommend using the 10-inch brake rotor for racing lawnmowers if they have the ground clearance to do so. The 10-inch brake disc add mechanical leverage to the brake in the same way length increases leverage on a breaker bar. This gives the brakes more potential for stopping and locking up the rear wheels. Smaller brake rotors such as the standard 7.125” diameter disc may not have enough leverage to slow heavier, faster machines. This is more crucial for machines that do not run a front brake setup that assists the rear brake to slow down. 

Your race machine’s ability to slow down quickly and late into a corner can increase your lap times putting distance between you and the driver behind you and make aggressive overtaking without running over your competition. 

Rotor Specs:

• 10” Diameter

• 3/16” Thick

• Fits heavy Duty Sprocket Carriers (3602 1-1/4” Axle and 2537 1.00” Axle)

• Better Leverage

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