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794111A 90° Right Angle Gearbox
794111A 90° Right Angle Gearbox
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794111A 90° Right Angle Gearbox

Part Number: 794111A
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794111A 90° Right Angle Gearbox is preferred by all racers in the FXT(Outlaw Twin) and FXS(Outlaw single) Classes when going from a vertical shaft engine to the horizontal rear axle. 

This is a much stronger set-up and requires less maintenance than a 700 series or similar multi-gear transmission. By reducing the number of moving parts and keeping things simple this gearbox is the go-to for any build where rules allow. To get the most of this gearbox we highly recommend using the 794-GBSK that has a longer output shaft and support bearing that includes a weldable mounting plate. 

Input shaft 7/8"

Output shaft 7/8"


There is no warranty on this gearbox of any kind. You are buying at your own risk! 

This is a standard OE equipment component. Its intention was never racing and using it those applications you take the risk of component failure. These gearboxes were designed with maximum horsepower ratings of 10-13hp and static torque of 100ft/lbs with a maximum input speed of 3600rpms for direct driven lawnmower blades.

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