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Van K 8 X 9 4-Bolt Aluminum Racing Wheel
8 X 9 Van K 4-Bolt Aluminum Racing Wheel
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Van K 8 X 9 4-Bolt Aluminum Racing Wheel

Part Number: 186.8900.4.44
Online Price: $94.99
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8 x 9 Van K Aluminum Racing Wheel for Mini Cup Racing Lawnmower and Mini Outlaw Kart Midgets
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8" x 9" Van K Aluminum Racing Wheel (Valve Stem Hole Not Drilled)

Van K 8" wheels for Lawnmowers to Mini-Cup Cars. Decades of Racing Experience and Technology go into the best-engineered, truest rolling wheels used in kart racing and beyond. Wheels like tires have become a critical part of your racing setup. The rigid, lightweight design gives you the edge over the competition and can shave tenths off your lap times.

Van K may or may not have holes drilled for the valve stem. This allows you to place where you like inside for tube applications or closer to the outside for tubeless. Non-Machined satin wheel 4 x 4.00" bolt pattern

Non-Machined Finished
8" Diameter
9" Width
4" Back Spacing
4 x 4 Bolt Pattern

Due to Weight and/or Size, we cannot include this product with any shipping discount or promotions. See our shipping policy for details.

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