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1/8NPT 90° Brass Brake Fitting
69A3A Brake Fitting Brass 90° Flare 1/8NPT
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1/8NPT 90° Brass Brake Fitting

Part Number: 69A3A
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Brake Fitting Straight Brass 90 Degree Flare 1/8 NPT
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The 90 Degree Brake Line fitting or known as a coupler plug, is a replacement fitting for most Martin Custom Products Master Cylinder and Brake Calipers. 

These are compression fittings that utilize brass ferrules to clamp the brake line to the fitting. The fittings are used throughout the racing go-kart or racing lawnmowers as fittings for brake lines and routing throttle cable housing and linkages. 

Fitting Specs


1/8 MNPT

3/8" Inlet

3/16 Brass Ferrule

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