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ARC 5.75 Small Billet Flywheel for Honda GX390-420-460
ARC 5.75 Small Billet Flywheel for Honda GX390-420-460
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ARC 5.75 Small Billet Flywheel for Honda GX390-420-460

Part Number: 6607-GX3
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Flywheel ARC 5.75 Small Billet for Honda GX390-420-460 Ultra Lite Adjustable
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6607-GX3 GX390/420 Honda/Clone Ultra-lite Small Dia. Adjustable Billet Flywheel

ARC's SFI certified billet aluminum ultra-lite flywheel for the GX390/420 Honda/Clone engine. Billet flywheels are designed as a bolt-on billet aluminum replacement for the cast-iron stock flywheel. The ring gear is a replaceable bolt-on piece and is made of 7075 billet aluminum. ARC flywheels have their signature steel adjustable timing hub which allows at-the-track timing changes at 1° increment in as little as 90 seconds without the use of offset keys or engine disassembly. The adjustable hub also makes it fast and easy to accurately set timing during engine assembly. Other outstanding features include • A 17% increase in voltage produced at the coil with a more accurate discharge of that current due to the aluminum body. • A 38% overall increase of voltage produced by the coil • Forward Curve fin design optimizes fan efficiency. • Neodymium (rare earth) magnet is the most powerful on the market. • The timing hub also functions as an ingenious flywheel remover.

This flywheel is designed with the intent of sanction racing only. This flywheel is not made to be used with stock charging systems.

Caution! Advancing the ignition timing too much may sound good at idle but will not always make more power. Too much timing will cause pre-ignition (Engine Knock or Rattle), overheating, and exhaust valve flutter. Too much ignition has been the cause of many crankshaft failures.

Requires 5980 coil bracket-sold separately.

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