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ARC Brass Crank Counter Weights for Briggs Model 28
6561 Brass Crank Counter Weights for Briggs Model 28 Non-AVS
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ARC Brass Crank Counter Weights for Briggs Model 28

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Crank Counter Weights Brass ARC for Briggs Model 28
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The EC 6561 Brass Crank Counter Weights help to balance the stock crankshaft in the Non-AVS Briggs & Stratton Single Cylinder Lawnmower Engines. 

These brass weights are used to replace factory counter wieghts in the Briggs Model 28 or Model 31. If using an older style Model 28 crank with removable eccentrics or if using newer crank with non-removable eccentrics then some machine work is required. We highly recommend using an experienced machinist to install the brass counterweights.

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Customer Reviews

Time to ditch those Syncro-Balacer Weights for these instead
I purchased these ARC Racing - Model # 28 Engine Brass Crankshaft Counter Weights for my 1993 Briggs & Stratton - 12HP IC Flat-Head Engine I am building up. My model # 28 engine needed a new crankshaft & instead of using the awful Syncro-Balanced weights on the crankshaft, I upgraded to these brass counter weights to reduce the rotating mass off the crankshaft assembly. The difference in weight between these brass counter weights & the Syncro-Balancer weights is a huge difference & it had to of removed about ruffly 5 to 6 Lbs. off of the crankshaft & allows the engine to spool up far much faster. The brass counter weights were extremely easy to install on my new crankshaft (Briggs & Stratton - part # 498971 crankshaft) & are machined extremely well & very high quality. I am very pleased with my purchase of this product & it makes my model # 28 engine far more responsive. I highly recommend this product to anyone & it is worth every single penny.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Collins, New York on 9/12/2019

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