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BP2HT DynoCams BP2 Cam
BP2HT DynoCams BP2 Cam
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BP2HT DynoCams BP2 Cam

Part Number: BP2HT
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The Dynocams BP2-HT Camshaft is designed for the Honda GX200. 

This also fits the Clone 196, Tillotson 196/212/225, and Hemi Predator 212. This cam meets lift requirements for stock but has a lot of extra duration producing better horsepower over a broader RPM range. Stock setup can be used but works even better as a modified cam. This cam will easily allow your motor to turn up into the higher RPM range and will require upgraded spring package if your exhaust and intake systems are upgraded. Billet rod and flywheel required for safety if the engine is modified.

Camshaft Specs:

 Engine: Clone, Honda, Tillotson, Ducar, Hemi Predator

• Recommended Class: Modified Target (MAX) RPM: 7000

• Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 26 lbs 

• Valve Lash (IN/EX): .003"

• Ignition Timing: 32 Deg BTDC

• Intake Lift: .224

• Intake Dur @ .050": 246.5 Deg.

 Intake Centerline C/L: 109 ATDC

• Exhaust Lift: .231 

• Exhaust Dur @ .050": 245.5 Deg. 

• Exhaust Centerline C/L: 111 BTDC

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