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Chain 40 Pitch 10ft Economy
40-1R-10 Economy #40 Chain 10ft Roll
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Chain 40 Pitch 10ft Economy

Part Number: 40-1R-10
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Chain 40 Pitch 10ft Economy
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The # 40 Economy chain has been used in everything from industrial and outdoor power equipment to recreational mini bikes and go-karts.


This inexpensive chain is great for those looking to make adjustments or repairs to their go-cart or minibike drive train. The 40 chain comes in a 10ft roll, giving you more than enough length for changes or multiple applications. It also comes with one master link, but we highly recommend investing in a chain breaker/rivet installer to make permanent links in your chain. 

We use the #40 for most of our racing lawnmower applications. The #40 is much stronger than the #35, and many OE use #40 for their gearboxes and transmission sprockets. This makes the #40 chain a suitable replacement for higher horsepower applications using a more expensive racing #35 chain. 

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