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Clone 390-420-460 Carburetor Float
188F-42 GX390/420 Carburetor Float
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Clone 390-420-460 Carburetor Float

Part Number: 188F-42
Online Price: $2.50
Float for Clone 390-420-460 Carburetor
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The float is an original Clone of the Honda GX390 Carburetor Float for the Ruixing/SP Carburetors. 

The Carburetor Float is the core design feature of this style carburetor. The float moves the fuel inlet needle in and out of the fuel inlet seat controlling the fuel flow into the carburetor bowl. As the bowl fills this causes the float to go up and closes off the fuel. As the carburetor injects fuel into the airstream the float does down to allow more fuel to flow into the bowl again. 

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