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Ducar 212 Hemi w/PVL Flywheel
Ducar 212 Hemi Engine
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Ducar 212 Hemi w/PVL Flywheel

Part Number: 212-1000
Online Price: $224.99
Phone Order Price:$239.99
You Save:$15.00(6%)
Ideal for OTB or Box Stock 212 Class or Stock Replacement mini bike engine
Availability: Out of Stock.


The Ducar 212 shares the same design and manufacturing as the popular Tillotson 212E. The Ducar 212 has a couple of improvements to meet kart racing competition regulations. 

The two engines share the same stock engine components except for the carburetor and flywheel.

The Ducar uses a tunable ruiXing carburetor with an adjustable idle mixture screw to smooth the idle when the low side jet has been tuned to increase acceleration and overall power. The Ruixing has been well-known by racers to flow better and is more desirable than the Hyuai Brand carburetors that come on the Tillotson 212E. The Tillotson 212E Hyaui is EPA restricted and has no tunable idle mixture screw.

The Ducar also has a cast aluminum flywheel made by PVL, the same company that produces the Briggs LO206 flywheel. The PVL Flywheel has a 28В° ignition advance for better performance. The flywheel is tested to 17,000rpms and is legal for kart racing competitions. The Tillotson 212E uses the typical cast iron flywheel that is not approved by karting sanctioning bodies for competition. 

The stock Tillotson 212E cast iron flywheel is NOT RATED for 10,000rpms regardless of advertising description and poses a hazardous liability on retailers, racers, engine builders, track owners, and organizations. Do not run any cast-iron flywheel on anything turning more than factory governed 3600rpms. 

Description from Dynocams, Here are a few reasons to choose the Ducar 212

- This engine is manufactured by Ducar, a company long associated with superior quality within the kart racing industry. Ducar picks components used to ensure performance and consistency.- We have knowledgeable customer service representatives and engine technicians ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

- We will stock a complete line of OEM parts that will allow you to rebuild or refresh your engine without purchasing a new one.

- The Ducar 212 engine comes with a factory-installed governor, which is preset at approximately 5300 rpm. Disclaimer: This will need to be adjusted before the competition.

- The Ducar 212 will come with the trusted die-cast aluminum PVL flywheel that was tested at 17,000 pm. This reliability gives track owners, competitors, and fans peace of mind about flywheel failures.

- DynoCams has, and always will, continue to give back to our sport through sponsorships and giveaways - this engine included!


- Die-Cast Aluminum PVL Flywheel

- Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve

- Dual Ball Bearing Block

- Ducar Hemi Head

- Ruixing Carb

- Electronic Ignition

- Chrome Faced Top Ring

- Hardened Dished Valves

- EZ Pull-Start Design

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