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Dyno-K Race Oil 1 Gallon
Dyno-K Race Oil 1 Gallon
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Dyno-K Race Oil 1 Gallon

Part Number: Dyno-K
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Dyno-K Race Oil has been tried and true for many years especially for the years dominated by flatheads to be one of the best engine oils.

Similar to the Dyno-Q but this oil was designed to be used during a full feature race once the engine has more temperature to protect critical engine parts.

From Winston Cup to Gold Cup, Lub-Tek has the right engine oil and lubricant to put your kart in the winner's circle. The results of many laboratories and on-track tests created a line of fully synthetic oils that are clean-burning, increase horsepower, and provide better wear than any other oil available. Cylinder heads are free from carbon buildup and plug fouling.

Whether you run high-end karting oil, racing car oil, motorcycle oil, or that cheap store name brand oil you buy at the grocery store, regardless of what oil you run in your air-cooled industrial engine, you must replace it frequently. Our 4-cycle kart engines do not have oil filters and run twice as hot as your liquid-cooled engine in your kart hauler. This means they break down and become contaminated quickly. To ensure you are getting all the benefits of the additives in your oil to prevent wear and increase the power we recommend changing your oil at least once every race day(more times if its in the budget) or for recreational mild builds with no more than 10 hours of run time. 

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