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EC #35 19-Tooth 3/4
3575-19 EC #35 19-Tooth 3/4" Clutch Sprocket
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EC #35 19-Tooth 3/4" Clutch Sprocket

Part Number: 3575-19
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3575-19 #35 19 Tooth Sprocket for Bully, Viper/Gator, and Stinger Style Clutches

Sprocket fits many clutches on the market, including Ego, Bully, and the Noram Stinger clutch ('Orange Crush,' 'The Touch,' 'GoldiLocks,' 'Gator,' 'N-Gage' Clutches, and others)

All EC #35 Clutch Sprockets come hardened for superior wear prevention and durability.

Our 19 #35 sprocket utilizes a removable needle bearing allowing easy maintenance and service. This bearing makes the clutch freer and reduces friction making gains in performance. The removable bearing can be replaced in cases where the bearings have been worn to extend the clutch sprocket's life.

Our clutch sprockets meet or exceed the durability and strength of OE-manufactured clutch sprockets and are superior to cheap aftermarket sprockets.

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