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EC 4084 36 (Fine) Spline Quick Change Hub
4084 EC 36 (Fine) Spline Quick Change Hub
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EC 4084 36 (Fine) Spline Quick Change Hub

Part Number: 4084
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Hub Quick Change EC 36 Spline Fine
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The EC Quick Change Hub is designed to make quick gearing changes on the peerless 700 series transmission with the 36 fine spline output shaft. 

The Peerless 700 was built with two different output shafts, one a coarse 9 spline and the other a fine 36 spline. We made two models of quick-change hubs that would convert the shafts to a common output design for our quick-change sprockets. 

This is the more common fine spline version(the coarse 9 spline quick change is no longer available.) The quick-change allows us much more tunability over the limited OE sprockets. We have sprockets from 12-19 to dial in your ideal gearing ratio for your engine and track. 

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