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EC 476INT Intake Manifold 1.125 HL to Blank
476INT EC Intake Manifold 1.125" HL to Blank
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EC 476INT Intake Manifold 1.125 HL to Blank

Part Number: 476INT
Online Price: $45.00
Intake Manifold EC 1.125 HL to Blank
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The EC HL 1.125 Universal Intake is a practical solution for adapting a Tillotson HL-380 or the EC X380 model Carburetors to customs heads or to change the orientation of the diaphragm carburetor. 

The HL Flange side is 0.310" thick with a 1.125" bore. The pulse is also added to provide consistent operation of the carburetor diaphragm.

The Universal Side is 0.850" thick this allows the flange to be machined at different angles or different lengths to fit your application. The bore on the universal side is 1.110 bore. There are no holes on the universal side to fit most bolt spacings and allow any carburetor orientation.

The EC Universal Intake is machined from billet aluminum. There is no pulse hole for external fuel pumps.

When choosing your carburetor for a universal application, finding the closest available design or blueprinted carburetor is important. The Tillotson HL-380 is designed for open flatheads on methanol, so running this as a gas carburetor or on an OHV, OHC, or 2-cycle is not ideal. We recommend using our X380 Intimidators because of their superior design and more available tunings. If you need help selecting a carburetor, you can contact us. 

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