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EC 6-Inch Billet Engine Drive Pulley
4072 EC 6-Inch Billet Engine Drive Pulley
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EC 6-Inch Billet Engine Drive Pulley

Part Number: 4072
Online Price: $59.95
Pulley Billet 6 inch Engine Drive EC
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The EC Billet 6" Diameter 1/2" Engine Drive Pulley is made for high-performance racing lawnmower drive systems. 

The Pulleys are made of high-quality heat-treated aluminum to help dissipate heat for prolonging belt life and better grip. The hard anodized coating is for wear resistance. The pulley is machined with precision V-Belt geometry for maximum grip to transfer power to the rear tires. In testing, our billet pulleys create 40% more grip than a stamped steel mower pulley. In a straight line 1/8 mile drag test, our billet pulleys against pulleys of the same size went 3/4 second faster. This pulley requires our 4069 1-1/8" or 4073 1" Steel Hub.

*Requires drive hub sold separately

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