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EC Billet Kart/Race Mower Gas Pedal
743R EC Billet Gas Pedal
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EC Billet Kart/Race Mower Gas Pedal

Part Number: 743R
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Pedal Gas EC Billet
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The EC-designed Billet Racing Throttle Pedal is built for racing go-karts and lawnmowers. 

Our Billet Throttle Pedal comes with mounting brackets that can be bolted or welded in place for custom builds. Our Throttle pedal features a return spring to offer a better pedal feel and throttle control. Throttle modulation is significant to racing lawnmower drivers as rough tracks sometimes make it difficult to use foot throttles. Both Pedals come with multiple holes for fine-tuning the pedal throw to suit the driver's length and driving style—the knurled pedal grips to prevent slippage and help the driver maintain control under poor wet conditions. 

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