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EC P7-MRK Pro Rebuild Kit for HR High Volume(Double Stack, Alky)Carburetors
P7-MRK EC Pro Mylar Double Stack HR Rebuild Kit
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EC P7-MRK Pro Rebuild Kit for HR High Volume(Double Stack, Alky)Carburetors

Part Number: P7-MRK
Online Price: $22.99
Phone Order Price:$25.99
You Save:$3.00(12%)
fits Tillotson High Volume or Double Stack Fuel Pump Plates
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The E.C. Pro Gasket Kits are exclusively constructed for professionals in the small engine racing world. 

We designed our kits using O.E. parts or equivalent to superior aftermarket components. Our aftermarket components prioritize racing condition durability and performance over cost and price margins of other aftermarket parts. 

Our kits also include additional components to complete better the rebuild or service performed on your carburetor. 

We also include a parts diagram without Pro kits, something no other O.E. or Aftermarket kits include. That has a parts break-down list that helps identify Tillotson carburetor parts and shows the carburetor's assembly, which helps the D.I.Y. racer know their carburetor is reassembled correctly. 

Our Pro Kits utilizes our "Fast Action" Main Diaphragm. We made this component in the aftermarket as a performance upgrade over O.E. and other aftermarket metering diaphragms. This main metering diaphragm has improved response and reaction over standard metering diaphragms. The "wagon wheel" features a more consistent dowel height in the center, making the fulcrum height adjustment consistent as well as a better, more smooth metal finish compared to other diaphragms. 

This kit includes what we usually call the short alky seat. It's a short seat with a .093" orifice vs. the .062" of the smaller gas seat, which does not mean the .093" is exclusively used on methanol or alky carburetors. It is also used in many carburetors fitted on rotary or reed valve 2-cycle kart engines, larger displacement piston port 2-cycles, and larger 4-cycle gas engines. 

The Fulcrum and Inlet Fuel Needle Valve are captured in this kit. Captured is where the fulcrum arm with a fork end 'captures' the dowel on the needle's head. A captured needle keeps the fulcrum arm in contact; this is usually preferred on rougher tracks, and if the carburetor is oriented is with the fuel pump stack facing downward. 

This kit uses bi-axially oriented polyester film (BOPET), commonly called Mylar® pump diaphragm. This diaphragm exceeds the quality of O.E. "mylar" diaphragms and is more fuel and chemical resistant making it suitable for methanol applications. We highly recommend using this kit for 4-cycle methanol applications and racing two-cycle reed engines. The (BOPET) will often outperform and has longer durability than the stock "snakeskin" Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material pump diaphragms. If you are rebuilding for an O.E. application, we still recommend the P7-RK as it includes a few additional components making your rebuilds more complete. 

This kit includes carburetor flange gaskets for the H.R. model carburetors; if you are looking for a complete rebuild kit for the high volume(double stack, alky) H.L. carburetors, you will want the P8-MRK.

Kit Includes:

Main Diaphragm

Diaphragm Gasket

Fuel Pump Diaphragm

Fuel Pump Diaphragm Gasket

Inlet Valve Diaphragm

Inlet Valve Diaphragm Gasket

Brass Fuel Strainer Screen

Fuel Strainer Cork Gasket

.375 Welch Plug

.093" id Inlet Seat with Cross Hole (overall length .538)

Captured Inlet Needle

Captured Fulcrum Arm

Inlet Seat Gasket

High/Low Side Needle O-Ring

1.375 HR Flange Gasket

P7-RK EC Pro Rebuild Kit fits all H.R. High Volume(Double Stack, Alky)Carburetors including these carburetors used for small engine racing: HR-181B, HL191G 

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