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EC Racing Lawnmower V-Twin Air Filter - Tall
ECD-X1 V-Twin Air Filter
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EC Racing Lawnmower V-Twin Air Filter - Tall

Part Number: ECD-X1
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Air Filter Racing Lawnmower V-Twin
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ECD-X1 EC "Tall" Air Filter for High-Performance Lawnmower V-Twins

Filter Dimension

• Overall Height: 5.00"
• Overall Length: 8.375"
• Overall Width: 4.875"
• Flange Height: 0.75"
• Filter Height: 4.00"
• Flange O.D.: 6.25" x 3.00"
• Flange I.D.: 5.625" x 2.625"
• Flange Angle: 0°

This Air Filter fit these Velocity Stacks and Air Filter Adaptor: FCRP-4056, FCRP-4057

If you need a small profile for hood clearance we recommend using the ECD-X2 Air Filter.

Color of Filter Material may change without notice.

*Caution! Only clean your air filters with air filter cleaner or soap and water. Anything else may damage your air filter. Let them air-dry overnight. Do NOT under any condition use compressed air, hair dryers, or any heat source to dry filters.

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