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EC Tillotson Gasoline Service Kit
701 EC Tillotson Gasoline Service Tool Kit
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EC Tillotson Gasoline Service Kit

Part Number: 701-K
Online Price: $78.23
Service Kit EC Tillotson Gas Alky
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700 EC Tillotson Service Kit gives you the tools needed to rebuild and tune your Tillotson Carburetor that runs on methanol.

Kit items

POPG-1 Pop-off Gauge 0-15lbs, Not only does the pop-off gauge allows you to set your check your pop-off pressure, it allows you to check for leaks that can greatly hinder your carburetor's tune and performance. Pop-Off Pressure is not setting the fuel pressure of the carburetors. It controls fuel volume mostly at low speeds making it very critical to how the carburetor performs. Most of our methanol or alky carburetors are set between 8.5-10lbs

705-G EC Gas Gauge (Tillotson) Our gauge makes it easy to check and set your carburetor's fulcrum arm height. The height dictates how much leverage the main metering diaphragm has on the fuel inlet needle. This controls how much fuel can flow past the needle to the high and low side circuits. It can also slightly change the pop-off pressure by changing the install height of the inlet tension spring. We set most of our blueprinted methanol carburetors using the .075" side of the gauge. 

- 718-D Dowel Pin .125 x 2 This dowel pin is for older carburetors that do not self align the copper inlet seat gasket. This tool is used in conjunction with the 36A-38M Inlet Seat.

36A-38M Inlet Seat (Short) Machined. This is not a functioning inlet fuel seat but an inlet seat modified to allow the 718 dowel pin to slide through to align the copper inlet seat gasket. Do not attempt to use this in a running carburetor as the inlet needle will never seat, and you will have a terrible flooding condition

711-M Machined Seat Socket, We machine this socket to better fit around the Tillotson fuel inlet seat. This tool makes removing and replacing the seat a must-have item. Without the machined socket, it's nearly impossible to remove the seat without damaging the body or seat. 

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