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FCRP-4050 EC 9x8 Transmission Plate
9 x 8 Steel Plate to mount 700 Transmissions
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FCRP-4050 EC 9x8 Transmission Plate

Part Number: FCRP-4050
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9 x 8 TRANS. Plate Transmission plate 1/4 inch thick steel will not flex and also provides chassis stiffening once welded in place. 

Specifically for the MTD box frame chassis but is a versatile universal item fitting many other chassis also. It comes with transmission input shaft support bushing pt# 4067. This bushing must be welded in place. This bushing is CNC machined to fit snuggly over the input shaft to provide support all the way to the base of the transmission case. Don't forget our chain tensioner system sold separately. Chain tensioner billet aluminum FCRP#4055 and heavy-duty idler sprockets 2186-41 and 2186-35.

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