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Fuel Pump Body Screw Double Stack Alky
15B-343 Tillotson Alky/Double Stack Fuel Pump Body Screw
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Fuel Pump Body Screw Double Stack Alky

Part Number: 15B-343
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fits Tillotson Diaphragm Carburetor with Three Plate(Double Stack) High Volume Pump Stacks
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The 15B-343 OE Tillotson High Volume (known as a double stack or alky fuel pump plates) Fuel Pump Body Screw is longer than the Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Fuel Pump Body Screw.

The extra length accommodates the extra plate. Six of these screws hold the fuel pump plates to the body. Be careful when tightening these screws. The aluminum bodies are soft, and it is easy to strip and ruin your carburetor body. Tillotson does not offer a replacement body; therefore, you will need a completely new carburetor if you ruin the body.

It is common for carburetors to be converted to Methanol (alky). Builders will need to change to the high volume(double stack, alky) pump plates and screws and a new gasket/diaphragm kit, P6-MDG, or a new Rebuild Kit, P8-MRK.

Fits HL-304WX, WXA, HL-314F&G, HL-334WXA, HL-339A, HL-341A, HL-342A, HL-348A, B, C, D, E, HL-355A, B, C, D, E, HL-360B, C, HL-380A, B HR-181B, HR-184A, HR190A, HR-191C, HR-191G, HR-196A

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