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Gauge Fulcrum Arm EC Walbro Gas
706 EC Walbro Gas Fulcrum Arm Gauge
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Gauge Fulcrum Arm EC Walbro Gas

Part Number: 706
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Gauge Fulcrum Arm EC Walbro Gas
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The 706 Fulcrum arm Gauge is a tool to set the fulcrum arm height. 

This is a tool for all racers and carburetor builders alike to have. Our gauge makes it easy to check and set your carburetorв€Ã¢â€žË˜s fulcrum arm height. The height dictates how much leverage the main metering diaphragm has on the fuel inlet needle. This controls how much fuel can flow past the needle to the high and low side circuits. It can also slightly change the pop-off pressure by changing the install height of the inlet tension spring. Your Fulcrum arm height should be checked during every rebuild and, in some cases, every race day.

.085" factory height and .075 for our EC Blueprinted Gas Carburetors

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